Microsoft’s Windows Insider Program celebrates two year anniversary

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Microsoft launched its Windows Insider Program precisely two years ago on October 2, 2014. It was developed as a solution to get real-time feedback during development processes for the OS by letting Windows users download builds for Windows 10 in an effort to get rid of bugs before public release. Having been quite a successful idea, we are now celebrating its second anniversary.

Before the program was even released, Microsoft expected 250,000 testers in this preview opportunity and a maximum of 400,000. However, Gabe Aul, the former Windows Insider head, declared last year that even in their most beautiful dreams they wouldn’t have expected to exceed those numbers. Even though we don’t have access to the latest statistics as of now, back in September 2015 there were seven million people enrolled in the program. And since then, those numbers most likely have grown.

The system created for the Insider Program let Microsoft roll out new builds faster than it ever did before, not just for testers worldwide, but for its own employees too. Before its release, it took 30 to 60 days just to get previews to the full range of employees who tested the builds inside the company. Now, using these deployment methods the process was shortened to last only 2-3 days. This speed also translates to a better testing and compiling process that moves much faster, making the entire team more efficient.

Initially, this program was intended to be a dry, corporate interaction between the company and the community, but seeing how excited the Insiders were, the plan changed.


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