Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gamercrest 2016 lets you check gaming statistics

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Microsoft has worked pretty diligently at expanding the community found on Xbox Live. Now, the Gamercrest 2016 website is available to all Xbox Live users in order to check up on all the statistics regarding their gaming careers.

Xbox users who sign in will be able to check the total Gamerscore they’ve acquired during the entire year from every game they’ve played. However, it seems that the company hasn’t added other significant details such as time played or the friends you’ve interacted with the most.

The webpage comes with other general information for Xbox Live. First of all, it shows that the Xbox community has spent, on average, 207 hours on Xbox Live during the entire year. Microsoft claims that this is a huge success as back in 2015, the Xbox Community has spent an average of 6 hours. At the same time, the Xbox gamers have unlocked, on average, 55 achievements during 2016.

To make things even better, the company is offering a customized gamer crest that each Xbox Live member can now download.

Xbox Live: Reputation System

As we’ve told you above, the company has really tried hard to improve its Xbox Live community and make it a safer place for the gamers. A new feature Xbox Live received was the Reputation System which was developed in order to help the community find out what kind of players they are dealing with. This way, you will be able to report a player for spam, hate speech or any other bad things they might do while playing in multiplayer mode.

What are your thoughts about the Xbox Live Gamercrest 2016 and how the Xbox Live Community has evolved during 2016?


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