Microsoft attempting to lure businesses to upgrade to Windows 10

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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It’s all about Windows 10 for Microsoft and all the ways it can possibly lure in the business segment with some cool ideas. It’s going to be quite difficult for the software giant to court the business world seeing as most see upgrading as another cost on their bottom line. Because of this issue, Microsoft decided to open up its roadmap for Windows 10 to the public. The company hasn’t revealed when the features in the roadmap will be ready for consumption, but only that it is working on them for future releases.

Despite that, business owners have a lot to be excited about, something that should bode well for Redmond as it aims to hold on to the enterprise market due to aggressive competition. Business owners will most likely be excited about Windows Hello, Windows Ink, and a smarter version of Microsoft’s popular voice assistant, Cortana, three main features expected to be ready in time for the Windows 10 Anniversary update later this year.

Windows Hello is an alternative to the password focusing on using facial and fingerprint recognition on supported devices. For example, not every laptop with a camera will be able to take advantage of Windows Hello, so many users may have to upgrade to new hardware. As for Windows Ink, it is designed to allow users to write notes or whatever they want in supported apps with a special pen. The operating system can act on things users write with developers having the option of adding Windows Ink support to their apps. When it comes down to the smarter version of Cortana, we understand that it will be able to do more by communicating with bots.

Microsoft is hoping for Windows 10 and the upcoming features to help liven the lagging PC market. It’s not impossible: the software giant just needs to execute well.

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