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If you want to use your Windows 8 tablet, laptop or other desktop device to help you keep your brain well-trained, then you need to have a close look at this recently released game on the Windows Store.
mind games pro windows 8 brain games
mind games pro windows 8.1 brain games
The new ‘Mind Games Pro’ game for Windows 8 comes with brain training games, standardized scores, an account system for preserving scores, the ability to create multiple accounts, the score history and various graphs. It will work for desktop and touch Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 device, but also for Windows RT, if you still have a device with that software.

Keep your brain trained with this new game for Windows 8

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Here’s a quick look at the description of the app on its official page on the Windows Store:

Mind Games Pro is the unlimited, ad-free edition, of the hit brain training app. It is a great collection of games based, in part, on principles of cognitive psychology to help you practice different mental skills. It is the perfect game to help you try to fight the effects of aging on your brain, or try to improve brain functioning at any age. This app includes 23 brain exercising games. All games include your score history and a graph of your progress. Using some principles of standardized testing, your scores are also converted to a standardized scale so that you can see where you need work and excel.

And here’s the list of brain training games available:

  • Attention Training Game – Exercise your brain’s attention. Based on the flanker attention task. Practice your ability to ignore competing information and processing speed.
  • Abstraction – Practice your ability to differentiate abstract from concrete words.
  • Anticipation – Divide your attention to anticipate future responses.
  • Divided Attention – Practice your ability to divided your attention.
  • Face Memory – Memorize a group of faces and then see if you can recall them.
  • Math Star – Practice your basic arithmetic skills, speed, and attention to detail.
  • Memory Flow – Practice your learning and memory and attention to details with visual stimuli.
  • Memory Match – Practice your memory for completed tasks.
  • Memory Racer – Practice for your brain’s working memory and processing speed.
  • Mental Categories – Practice your processing speed and quick categorization skills.
  • Mental Flex – Practice your mental flexibility.
  • Grid Memory – Memorize the locations of the tiles that change with increasing numbers of tiles.
  • Self-Ordered Learning – Practice your learning strategies and memory.
  • Speed Trivia – Test and improve your knowledge of general trivia and information.
  • Vocabulary Power – Improve your word knowledge and vocabulary.
  • Vocabulary Star – Improve your vocabulary and spelling skills.
  • Object Memory – Test and practice your visual memory skills for remembering objects.
  • Word Memory – Memorize 30 words and see if you can recognize them.

Go ahead and follow the link from below to download the game on your Windows 8, 8.1 device.

Download Mind Games Pro for Windows 8 


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