Minecraft 1.12.0 brings extreme lag, graphics issues and more

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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Bedrock Edition 1.12.0 frequent bugs

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Minecraft is one of the biggest sandbox video games ever. With millions of active players, and more being added every day, the game grows more and more.

The success comes from a mix of simple tasks and complex ways to do it, a thing much appreciated by many.

The latest version, Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.12.o, brings a lot of new features, re-adding the camera and some new commands, new game rules, and a lot of map-making features.

Although it’s constantly updated and maintained by Mojang AB and Xbox Game Studios, with such a multitude of features comes a significant amount of game bugs.

Let’s focus on what game bugs and issues are plaguing Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.12.0.

Frequent Minecraft version 1.12.0 reported issues:

  1. Extreme lag and crashes on Xbox One
  2. Freezes on iOS
  3. Custom skins unload after restart on Windows 10
  4. Crashing on Login to a realm on Windows 10
  5. Leather Armor appears white on mobs and Armor Stands
  6. A newer Minecraft version has saved this level. It cannot be loaded
  7. Body Guard achievement unobtainable on Xbox One

1. Extreme lag and crashes on Xbox One

This is a pretty common issue that trickled from version 1.11.x. It seems that the lag and the constant crashes are making the game unplayable.

The lagging problem is mainly seen when opening chests and chest-related items and it lasts for about a minute.

When a second player joins on the same console, the game crashes to Xbox home screen. It seems that update 1.12.0 didn’t fix the problem and the bugs continue to annoy players.

the lag for opening chests (and chest-related items) went from 1 or 2 seconds to 10-50 seconds […] it also started lagging for no discernable reason around every 1-5 minutes lasting 10-50 seconds or it just crashes the game to Xbox home screen […] After updating today to 1.12.0, it crashed within 5 minutes. We have now stopped playing Minecraft together.

Reinstalling the game has no effect.

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2. Freezes on iOS/Windows 10

Another reported problem that becomes more and more annoying for a lot of players is that the game freezes when it’s connecting to a Microsoft account. This mainly happens in offline mode, with no Wi-Fi or cellular data.

MCPE(Bedrock) freezes when connected to a Microsoft account and offline (airplane mode, no wifi or cellular) […] The game will now freeze and crash before the loading screen has finished, with the final four loading bars remaining (if that matters). The freeze may last for ten seconds before it crashes.

A couple of resolutions would be to disconnect Minecraft from your Microsoft account or turn your internet off while in the game and the freeze can be avoided.

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3. Custom skins unload after restart on Windows 10

A fairly common problem is that if you apply a custom skin and restart your game, it will revert to the default one. This bug also was present in the 1.11.x version and now has made its way to 1.12.0.

More specifically, if you change your skin to Steve/Alex and then to a custom one, after the restart you’ll no longer have the custom one but instead the Steve/Alex initial skin.

Here’s how one user is describing the bug:

Also experiencing this since 1.11 custom skin does not save and instead reverts to marketplace skin I chose

For now, there isn’t any way to solve the issue.

4. Crashing on Login to a realm on Windows 10

This bug is present on PCs with Nvidia graphics cards.

my Minecraft for PC (Windows 10) has been crashing as soon as I login to my realm. […] I am using a GeForce 9xxTI graphics card, which I tried updating to the latest driver version after discovering this problem, without success.

Updating Windows or the graphics card driver has no effect. Also, resetting video game settings within Minecraft or repairing the game installation has the same result.

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5. Leather Armor appears white on mobs and Armor Stands

This is a visual bug present in Minecraft on Windows 10. Visual bugs are one of the most common issues when it comes to version 1.12.0.

This particular one seems to affect the leather on mobs and Armor stands:

mobs will drop undyed leather armour when killed. Also, if you place leather armour on an armour stand, it will be displayed as dyed white leather armour.

The bug is pretty inconsistent, as one user states that the leather dropped by mobs actually has the default color:

I’ve tested this, and I’ll add something. Leather armor is actually using the default color when dropped by mobs,

If you’re on the same boat and the problem is giving you headaches, you could try to reset the in-game video settings to solve the issue. Another resolution could be to reinstall the game, but it’s unconfirmed.

6. A newer Minecraft version has saved this level. It cannot be loaded

If you play the game on multiple platforms, you may encounter this message when loading a World previously saved on another device.

One user describes the problem as follows:

I’ve saved a world on my phone that has the beta version of the game and transferred the world to my computer. When I booted up my PC and played the game. A message appears and notifies me that this level can’t be opened due to the beta build of the game

This bug is not specific to a certain platform, but it has more to do with the Minecraft version. The resolution would be to update the game on all your devices.

Once you have the same version of Minecraft on your phone/tablet and PC/console, the problem should disappear.

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7. Body Guard achievement unobtainable on Xbox One

This is a very frustrating bug, as it prevent players from completing all their achievements. Every other achievement works fine, except the Body Guard one.

If you expect to build an iron golem out of 4 iron blocks and a pumpkin to unlock the achievement, then you’re in for a surprise:

I was trying to get as many achievements as possible in the newest Beta version on Xbox One. Every other achievement unlocked without much issue but Body Guard refuses to unlock.

I concur. The achievement does not pop in the current build of Minecraft on Xbox One – and I did everything correctly. All other achievements do pop – it’s just this one that’s broken.

This is a wide-spread bug and annoys a lot of people.

The Minecraft team is aware of the problem and are working on solving it, but for now, there’s no fix. Hang on tight and wait for the developers to come up with a solution.

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As you can see, Bedrock Edition 1.12.0 is pretty buggy right now. Some of the issues are platform-specific, but most of them are present on all platforms.

Regardless of the device you play Minecraft on, don’t forget to keep the game constantly updated, as the developers are continuously releasing new patches to fix bugs and glitches.

What do you think about Bedrock Edition 1.12.0 and all its new features? How has your gaming experience been so far?  Did you encounter any other bugs?

Leave your answers along with any other questions you may have in the comments section below and we’ll be sure to check them out.

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