Minecraft Dungeons goes underwater with Hidden Depths

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  • Mojang has announced a new Hidden Depths DLC expansion pack for Minecraft Dungeons.
  • The latest DLC pack will introduce a new underwater world.
  • Mojang has confirmed a universal May 26, 2021 release date for Hidden Depths.
  • A new free content update for Hidden Dungeons will also be available from May 26.

Minecraft Dungeons is an action RPG Minecraft spin-off that Xbox Game and Mojang Studios released in 2020. The developer has already expanded that game with Flames of the Nether and Howling Peaks expansion packs.

Now Mojang has announced Hidden Depths will be the next Dungeons expansion.

The Hidden Depths announcement

The developer announced Hidden Depths on the Minecraft Dungeons Twitter page. The brief Hidden Depths announcement tweet says:

Heroes, are you brave enough to take the plunge? On May 26, the tide is turning as Hidden Depths DLC floats into Dungeons!

That tweet gave little away about the upcoming Hidden Dungeons expansion. However, it did include a couple of very brief Hidden Depths video clips. Those clips show us that this expansion is one based underwater with an ocean setting.

Free Minecraft Dungeons update announced

Mojang has also announced a free update for Minecraft Dungeons alongside the Hidden Depths DLC. That update will introduce new, hidden Raid Captain enemies.

The Raid Captains are said to be game-changing enemies that will change the way players play Hidden Dungeons.

Hidden Depths, and the free update, has a universal May 26, 2021 release date. Thus, it will become available on the Xbox consoles, Windows, PlayStation 5 & 4, and Nintendo Switch from that date.

Mojang has not revealed price details for Hidden Depths as of yet. As previous DLC expansion packs are available for $5.99, Hidden Depths’ pricing will likely be much the same.

With the Minecraft Dungeons Season pass, you will get both previous DLC packs along with Hidden Depths.

So, Hidden Depths will likely introduce a whole new universe for Minecraft Dungeons. With another unannounced MD DLC pack in the pipeline, Mojang has plenty in store for Minecraft Dungeons.

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