Minecraft themed Xbox controllers are now available for purchase

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Minecraft themed Xbox

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Minecraft is a global phenomenon and people from all corners of the globe are enjoying the block building game. As a result, Microsoft is doing everything it can in order to make sure it provides people with Minecraft content on all fronts. For example, those that love Minecraft but do not own an Xbox One S console can purchase a special Minecraft bundle as of last month. The special Minecraft themed Xbox variant has been unveiled at this year’s Gamescon, much to the excitement of the crowd there.

Xbox owners left out

The deal seems pretty sweet for those that haven’t yet purchased an Xbox console. However, the Gamescon unveiling left current Xbox owners out of the picture, which didn’t bode well for them. Sure, it’s really nice that newcomers are getting this treat but what about those that have loyally stayed at Microsoft’s side for years?

New Xbox controllers inspired by Minecraft

Microsoft has probably taken notice of this little dilemma (Most likely receiving a lot of complaints) so now the Windows maker is offering standalone controllers with a Minecraft theme. This means that people who want to add a little Minecraft customization to their Xbox console can do so without having to buy an entire console bundle.

New controller details

There are two new controller options for Minecraft fans. One if the creeper themed controller which has been made available with the aforementioned bundle and the other one is a pig themed controller, also referred to as the “pig pad”. Both have a nice color scheme with green and pink respectively, as well as pixel-like elements since they are Minecraft themed and need to play the part.

Both controllers are priced at $75. Even though they love the Minecraft franchise, some players might find these prices a tad bit high. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that they will sell well based on the broad popularity of Minecraft. While the green creeper controller is great for the male audience, the pig pad might be more suitable for the female gamers out there with a thing for Minecraft.

More controllers coming?

As pleasing as this little surprise from Microsoft has been, it’s interesting to think whether or not there will be any other themed controllers coming in the near future. Keep in mind that Microsoft isn’t the only Xbox One controller manufacturer out there. Yes, they are the premier manufacturer since it’s its console, but there are also third party vendors which might take a page out of Microsoft’s book and bring more Minecraft-inspired – or other – controllers to the eager public. The only thing left now is to wait and see — and of course, enjoy the new Minecraft creeper and pig pad controllers!



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