Mix audio and video files with these 10+ best software tools

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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  • Mixing audio and video together is probably the first type of video editing ever tried.
  • Despite being such a basic task, you need a very good tool if you want the end result to be impeccable.
  • For example, Adobe Premiere Pro is a perfect tool for this particular job, along with several other tools that we will be discussing below.
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5. VLC

Another application that can help you mix audio and video files is VLC Media Player. This is a powerful media player and it can play almost any file with ease. In addition to files, the application also works with online streams, webcams, discs and other devices. It’s worth mentioning that VLC uses hardware decoding so its faster than other multimedia players.

As for supported formats, VLC Media Player supports a wide range of both audio and video files. In addition, the application offers many advanced features, and you can extend it even further with various plug-ins. VLC Media Player also allows you to play two or more files simultaneously allowing you to mix audio and video files. Even though you can play and mix two files, you can’t save them as a separate file.

VLC Media Player is a great application, and even though you can combine audio and video files, you won’t be able to save them. This is one of the best multimedia players, and if you need a media player that can also mix files, be sure to consider VLC.

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6. Cute Video Audio Merger

If you’re looking for a simplistic application that can mix audio and video files, you might want to consider Cute Video Audio Merger. The application offers a simple interface and you can combine audio and video files in a matter of seconds.

Merging files is rather simple and you just need to select the desired output format and video size. There are about 15 different video formats available, and you can choose between different predefined sizes for each format.

Unfortunately, there’s no option for custom size, so you can’t freely crop or resize your video. If needed, you can also adjust the video quality of the output file in order to reduce its size.

After choosing output settings you just need to add audio file that you want to use and you’re good to go. If needed, you can preview your audio file at any time. The application doesn’t offer any preview options for video, and the only way to preview your video is to merge it and play it in a media player.

Cute Video Audio Merger is a simple application, and it doesn’t offer any video editing features so you can’t trim your video or edit it in any way. The lack of a preview option for video is also a big flaw that some users might not like.

Despite these flaws, the application is rather simple to use and even the most basic users will be able to handle it. We have to mention that this application comes bundled with some unnecessary software, but you can choose not to install it during the setup process.

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