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by Don Sharpe
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Microsoft announced a host of exciting improvements and new features that Mixer is getting. The news comes at a time when video game live streaming is increasingly becoming a favorite pastime for many.

Such an alternative source of entertainment can be a useful distraction as more and more people self-quarantine or just stay at home in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The company said that it has been quietly making the improvements based on user feedback.

These are focused on improving discoverability, empowering communities of all sizes and making it easier to find your new favorite Mixer creators.

AI-powered recommendations

Do you sometimes look at the Mixer homepage and fail to quickly spot content that matches your interests? Microsoft is trying to solve that with the changes it is implementing in the live-streaming platform.

With AI-powered recommendations, Featured, Top Category, and Partner Spotlight sections will be showcasing more personalized content.

The app will probably be tracking your interests and interactions within the platform and use that data to deliver tailored recommendations.

Also, the new homepage layout includes rows with editorially programmed content. This feature enables you to discover Mixer communities that best cater to your unique tastes.

The latest Mixer enhancements include elements that make life a lot easier for viewers on Xbox.

For example, Microsoft is introducing subscriber badges and emotes in chat. But you have to wait for the Xbox One system update that is coming in April to enjoy these improvements.

Ad breaks

While Mixer is already a high-yield cash cow, Microsoft is exploring ways the platform can generate more revenue for its partners.

The company is testing an ad-break solution that enables its partners to make more money through in-stream advertising. It is giving them more control over the timing to run such ads.

Maybe this is Microsoft’s latest strategy to pull more high-profile video game players toward Mixer?

Auto-hosting is another massive boost that is coming to Mixer. If you are a streamer, you can use the feature to curate a list of streamers or channels that you would like to automatically host while you are offline.

Since auto-hosting promotes the discoverability of content and channels, it is a practical way for streamers to grow their viewership on Mixer.

Similarly, the homepage is getting partner badging, which makes Mixer Partner channels easier to spot.

Other fresh features on Mixer include clip creation on Android and iOS devices and high-quality emotes.

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