Mobile to Windows 10 notification system incoming

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Imagine being far away from your Windows 10 Mobile device but able to get notifications on your Windows 10 computer, wouldn’t that be awesome? Sure, and Microsoft knows this, which is why the company is working to make this a real possibility.

Microsoft talked about this at Build 2016 where it explained that this would not only work with Windows 10 Mobile devices, but with Android as well. Everything would be linked to Cortana, which means, Android users would need to have the Cortana app installed.

Not too long ago, Microsoft updated its Cortana app for Android with the new notification feature attached. However, when it comes down to Windows 10 Mobile, folks will have to wait until a later date.

Just recently, Microsoft released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14352. It comes packed with the new notification feature and we can say for sure that some aspects do work. For example, with our Windows 10 Mobile device, we got a missed call and no soon after, it showed up on our computer.

Nothing compared to what can be done with an Android device, but great nonetheless. Being around your computer and knowing what is going on with your smartphone device is something we have always wanted. What’s great is the fact that we are not required to have the smartphone connected to the computer via a USB cord or whatever else.

What we want next is for users to have the ability to receive a text message notification on their Windows 10 computer, and reply to the number directly from there without having to reach for the smartphone. We’re probably asking for too much here, but from our point of view, this could be a great feature to have.

Want more cool stuff from Window 10 and Mobile in the future? Stay tuned for the Anniversary Update set for both operating systems come this July. Bear in mind that after that After July 29, 2016, the free Windows 10 upgrade will no longer be a thing.