Modern Setup Host

what is Modern Setup Host

What is Modern Setup Host?

Modern Setup Host is a Windows component built into the operating system. This host is responsible for preparing and triggering updates on your Windows PC.

Moreover, support for Windows 7 ended in January 2020. Therefore, Microsoft encourages upgrading to Windows 10 to keep devices running smoothly.

Upgrading is also mandatory for getting security fixes and technical support for all issues you may encounter.

Besides running in the background when your system detects or installs updates, Modern Setup Host also plays an essential role in running the setup file for upgrading a PC to Windows 10.

  • Can I delete Modern Setup Host?

Modern Setup Host is installed automatically by the computer. Therefore, you’ll find it in the $Windows.BT folder, even if you have no recollection of ever downloading it.

We strongly advise you against performing any sketchy procedures for deleting it.

  • Can I end Modern Setup Host?

Modern Setup Host runs in the background when Windows installs the latest updates. Therefore, ending the process may lead to unwanted errors.

  • What is Modern Setup Host in Task Manager?

Modern Setup Host is a self-extracting archive and installer in Task Manager.

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