Xbox One users can monitor their game downloads from the Guide

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Xbox One users get some good news these days. Mike Ybarra has just revealed the fact that all Xbox One enthusiasts are now able to monitor their gams downloads straight from the Guide.

This used to be only an experimental feature, but now it seems that it has eventually been enabled for all Xbox users which is great. “Monitor your game downloads directly from the Guide. Previously an experimental feature, now enabled for all users. #Xbox,” Ybarra’s exact words were.

This new feature makes things much easier

Ybarra also posted a screenshot to show Xbox One users what viewing their download progress will exactly look like. This new feature comes in handy because it will eliminate the need to go into the Games & Apps section in order to view anything that you are installing while you are focused playing another game.

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Even if this may seem just a tiny change, it will definitely have a significant impact and here’s how. It will improve the user experience a lot by cutting down the time required to pause your current game and check on how your downloads are doing. This will save you time, and you will avoid losing focus as well.

Just in time for Sea of Thieves

This brand new cool feature comes just in time for the Sea of Thieves release, and it’s great that we will be able to check on its progress quicker while we’re waiting to give it a go.

Xbox’s Spring Update rolled out to Insiders for a few weeks now, but it has not been made public yet. The update added support for 1440p monitors, and it also brought the ability to share the controller over Mixer. All users should soon see these new features in a few months, so more patience is required.



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