MORDHAU gamers complain the game is full of cheaters

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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MORDHAU cheaters problems

MORDHAU an addictive multiplayer medieval-inspired game that challenges you to engage in fierce battles, castle sieges and epic cavalry charges.

As impressive as this game is, there is one major issue the devs really need to tackle — and that is cheaters.

Many gamers complained about some players using unfair methods and tactics to gain the upperhand in battles.

I have a very depressing kind of situation that happens in the game! The game is filled with cheaters! Play with auto-block, auto-aim, infinite endurance see enemies through walls and in smoke from smoke bombs! How are you going to fight this?? If you leave everything as is the game will die very quickly, because no one is unpleasant to constantly lose.

As this gamer points out, the fact that cheaters are not quickly detected and banned will negatively affect the game in the long run.

So, if Triternion wants MORDHAU to have a long life span, they’d better do something about the cheaters. Hopefully, the next major game update will tackle this problem. Otherwise, the risk of seeing the player base diminish is very high.

Over to you now: Have you played MORDHAU? What do you think Triternion should do in order to effectively get rid of cheaters? Let us know in the comments below.

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