MORDHAU players criticize the ballet steps seen in the game

by Madalina Dinita
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MORDHAU game mechanics issues

When you think about medieval battles, you automatically think about heavy pieces of armor, heavy swords, and slow motion-like action.

It seems that MORDHAU’s developers don’t share this vision. Oftentimes, the game‘s mechanics are very strange, according to players. Characters clad in heavy armor can jump to half a meter and deliver fatal blows to their enemies.

Many players criticized Triternion for implementing such weird game mechanics. Here’s one one user describes this issue:

Very much irritated by the ballet and the circus that happens in the game! Character clad in heavy armor jumps to half a meter and attack from above! It doesn’t! It’s FU*K*NG MEDIEVAL fencing, it’s NOT a track and field competition! Please do either a jump or attack! Make a distinction! […]What is happening now is FU*K*NG absurd! The player takes a halberd, heavy armor and jump kill! What is this idiocy?! I don’t want to play FU*K*NG ConterStrike!

As you can see, characters wearing heavy armor are capable of achieving great speed which is not what should normally happen.

Some players even said they got the impression their characters could do gymnastics in full plate armor. The weight failed to hinder character movements and speed.

Of course, wearing heavy armor does not mean your character should move in slow motion. However, many gamers agree the game mechanics should be changed so as to better show the effect heavy armor has on the person wearing it.

Over to you now: What do you think about MORDHAU’s mechanics, in general, and the game’s combat mechanics in particular? Let us know in the comments below.

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