Microsoft Releases Updated, More Powerful Variants of Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book

by Ivan Jenic
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Microsoft released Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book to be among the best, if not the best devices in their categories. But the company today unveiled new, more powerful versions of these devices, adding to the current offer, which already has some powerful variants of these premium devices. Alongside new versions of Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, Microsoft also revealed the new Gold Surface Pen.

New versions of Surface Book and Surface Pro will be only available in Microsoft’s online store, and at some retailers that the company is partner with. The new variants are the most powerful version of the devices yet, and they come with 1TB of storage, 6th generation Intel i7 processors, and 16GB of RAM.

Gold Surface Pen Also Arrives

Besides the most powerful versions of Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, Microsoft also released a new version of Surface Pen, called Gold Surface Pen. This accessory is available in Canada, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United States. It is priced at $59.99, and it doesn’t come bundled with Surface Book or Surface Pro 4, just like it’s the case with a regular Surface Pen.

Microsoft says in the blog post that Gold Surface Pro offers a great writing experience when used on Surface Pro 4, because it features 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. We hope this pen won’t be as troublesome to Surface Pro 4 users, as the regular pen were some time ago.

Microsoft did release the new Gold Surface Pen first, but there’s a big possibility that the company is working on another Surface Pen, which will have the ability to charge via Surface Pro 4/Surface Book magnetic connection.

As for the new variants of Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, they’re only available in the US and Canada, and you can buy the new Surface Pro 4 for $2,699, while the new version of Surface Book is priced at $3,199.

What do you say about the new Surface offerings? Are they worth the money, and would you give $3,199 for a laptop? Tell us in the comments.

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