You can now mount iPods as USB storage devices on Windows 10

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The latest Windows 10 build now allows you to mount iPods as USB mass-storage devices on your Windows 10 PC. Build 14393 has fixed all the annoying bugs encountered by Windows 1o PC users when trying to connect an iPod to their PC, and everything should run smoothly now.

The most frequently reported issues when connecting an iPod to a Windows 10 PC are:

  • the iPod is not recognized in iTunes for Windows. When users try to sync their iPod with iTunes, an error message appears, preventing them from properly using the iPod: “An ipod has been detected, but could not be identified properly”.
  • the iPod’s file content is visible through File Explorer, but communication with the  device is unavailable:

I have a 4th Gen iPod Touch that connects to Windows 10 just fine.  I can view content on the device through File Explorer but Windows 10 will not let iTunes connect to or communicate with the device.  yes I have Windows and iTunes fully patched and up to date. This device worked just fine on this computer with iTunes until I upgraded to Windows 10.

  • the BSOD error

I have upgraded to Windows 10 and for the first time tried to sync my ipod. Unfortunately as soon as I connect the iPod USB to the computer I get the dreaded blue screen that Windows has incountered a problem and needs to restart. […] I can’t restart the computer again until I unplug the power and take out the battery of the laptop. I reconnect the electric chord and the computer gets stuck again in rebooting.

As soon as I disconnect the USB for the iPod, the computer starts up. It goes through all the startup and I get my computer working. I connect the USB for the iPod and off it goes again giving me the blue screen again!

All these annoying bugs should now be history, as Microsoft promises its Windows Insider Engineer Team has fixed them once and for all.

For the time being, the update is available only for Fast Ring Insiders. If you’re running a standard Windows 10 OS version, and you encounter the aforementioned issues, you can use of the following workarounds:


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