Microsoft Updates MSN Universal Apps for Windows 10 Mobile

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As the release of Windows 10 Mobile approaches, Microsoft is working hard to put all pieces in place to get as good mobile operating system as possible. Microsoft is developing both system and its supporting apps, and this time the company updated its well-known MSN universal apps form Windows 10 Mobile.
msn universal apps wind8apps
Microsoft recently published its new build for Windows 10 Mobile, and besides other new features and improvements, this builds brings new, updated MSN universal apps. The updated apps now have a refreshed user interface, and they’re more in “Windows 10 style.” Apps included in this update are Money, Sports, Weather and People. So as you can see, Microsoft doesn’t work just on the system alone, but also on its built-in apps.

These apps were originally designed for Windows 10 computers, but eventually they found their way to Windows 10 Mobile devices. The new versions of the apps provide more stability, so the insiders can test them without any problems and provide needed feedback. All apps have hamburger menus, including the Sports app, which don’t have this feature in PC version, but this is expected to be fixed in the future. One interesting fact about these apps is that in the App Store, they’re all under MSN brand, and are not simply ‘Weather,’ ‘Sports,’ etc. The apps were part of the Bing brand before, but Microsoft eventually decided to re-brand them.

We expect more updates of this type to Microsoft’s apps in the future, because Microsoft wants to make sure everything works perfect and is ready for the final release. And you can help Microsoft, but also yourself, to get what you want by testing Windows 10 Mobile and its apps and providing valuable information, which will be helpful for Microsoft’s developers, through Microsoft Feedback app.

You can check out the screenshots of all MSN Universal apps below:

msn money wind8apps  msn sport wind8apps msn weather wind8apps

msn news wind8apps

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