We’ll soon pay for Mullvad VPN with Monero and other cryptocurrencies

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  • Users that tried to purchase Mullvad VPN with Monero were sadly declined.
  • However, all this is about to change pretty soon, and we'll have more options.
  • Monero support informed users that they will accept more payment methods.
  • More cryptocurrencies are going to be accepted starting start with 2022.
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We live in an era where we can order pretty much everything we want over the internet, with just a few clicks. Paying with cash is so yesterday and new paying methods are nine developed each day.

Either with our credit cards, or using any of the available cryptocurrencies, it’s just a matter of finding what you want and ordering it.

But, unfortunately, if you are a cryptocurrency fan, some of your favorite services may not accept this type of payment.

Luckily, more and more companies are starting to adopt this progressive mentality and allowing their customers to have multiple choices when it comes to payment.

Mullvad will become more accessible starting with 2022

Are you a Mullvad VPN user? Well, if the answer is yes, you are surely going to find what we are about to tell you nothing short of delightful.

Developers over at Mullvad are going to soon allow their customers to purchase services by paying with Monero, which is a private, decentralized cryptocurrency.

No official announcement has been yet made by the company, but some people that tried to pay with Monero and got declined were informed that all this is about to change.

Reddit user aFungible shared a screenshot from an email received from the Mullvad team, where he was told that soon he will be able to pay using Monero, or other cryptocurrencies if he chooses so.

According to Mullvad support, the company wants to introduce support for additional cryptocurrencies during 2022, among which will also be Monero.

This is really good news for the people that really insist on making these software purchases using cryptocurrencies, instead of real money.

We’re not really sure when this is going to happen exactly, but at least we know what year it’s going to happen.

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Excited about the opportunity to purchase Mullvad VPN with cryptocurrencies? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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