StaffPad Redesigns its App for Windows 10 Users

by Ivan Jenic
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One of the best apps for writing musical notes, StaffPad will receive a significant update during this month. Developers also said that fully updated and redesigned version of the app will be available as a free upgrade for all current users of StaffPad.

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StaffPad is one of the best music notation apps for Windows. It recognizes your handwritten notes and turns them into digital ones. The app is designed for Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 2, and works great with the touch environment. The app was primarily designed for Windows 8.1, but the upcoming update will bring full Windows 10 compatibility. Until now, StaffPad was using App bars and charm bars, which is no longer part of Windows 10, as you probably know.

And besides making the compatibility changes, developers also decided to change the looks of the app, but we don’t have any screenshots or information about the new look for now, but developers will surely update us with news, once the update is close to releasing.

Building StaffPad for Windows 10 was a big task, and a lot of work was done under the hood. It’s completely visually refreshed. But, it’s also faster, leaner, and more capable. We’re exciting by the results, and can’t wait to release it to you at the end of the month.

We’ve spent a long time on the details. From a beautiful home screen, that reacts to the weather and time of day (yes!), to faster score loading, partial bar selection, swing playback, handwritten dynamics symbols recognition, sketch layer colours, an exciting new voice activated smart assistant, and much more…

StaffPad is now available in the Windows Store for $69.99, and all users who already own this app will receive the update for free. And although developers didn’t say a word about that, we’re sure that new StafPad app will be fully compatible with recently announced Surface Pro 4, once the device gets released.

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