Windows 8.1, 10 Music and Video Apps get Important Updates

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Microsoft updates its core Windows 8.1 apps, Xbox Music and Xbox Video with several improvements; read below to find out what is new in these entertainment apps
movie app windows 8.1
The Movie and Music apps are essential to the Windows 8.1 experience, as millions of consumers use Microsoft’s core apps on a daily basis, along with the Mail and Maps app. That’s why, when it launched Windows 8.1, Microsoft also performed a vast overhaul of its core apps, bringing new features and improvements. Now, the apps receive their first ever update in Windows 8.1

First of all, what you need to know is that the contents of the Movie and Music apps vary according to the region you are in. To see what content is  available in your region, check the Xbox Video feature list from Microsoft’s website.

What’s new in the updated Windows 8.1 Movie app

The most important updates in the Xbox Movie Windows 8 application include: improved layout for TV show extra episodes; improvements for portrait mode and added support for high resolution screens There is also a bunch of other additional minor fixes, as always, so you really should download the app (links at the end) to get the latest and most stable version.

What’s new in the updated Windows 8.1 Music app

The Xbox Music app has received a bigger updated than the Video app. Here is the breakdown of the new changes:
music app windows 8.1

  • Buying albums and songs that you want to keep forever becomes easier
  • The option to redeem Microsoft gift cards has been added
  • A new user experience makes it easier to find music in your collection, listen to radio, and explore the Xbox Music catalog
  • Search has got a revamp, with a new way of showing results
  • Pause and play with a single tapwindows 8.1 music app
  • Snap the app and have fun multi-tasking while you listen
  • Playlists can be found in the now playing list in the left-hand menu
  • Use the Share Charm in Windows 8.1 to share any webpage to Xbox Music
  • Manage what shows up in your Windows music library from within the Music app
  • The app starts up faster

Indeed, the Video and Music apps both now open very fast in Windows 8.1 and the same happens on my Windows 8 Pro tablet. Follow the links to get the latest Xbox Video and Xbox Music apps for Windows 8.1 and let us know what you think of them

Download Xbox Video for Windows 8.1windows 8.1 video app

Download Xbox Music for Windows 8.1


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