Namco’s Windows 8, 10 Pac-Man Game Gets New Features

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Back at the end of October, last year, we shared with you the best Windows 8 Pac-Man games to enjoy on your Windows 8 device from the Windows Store. Now, one of the best – PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+ has received new features that we’re talking about below.
pacman game windows 8
Pac-Man is a classical game that will never get old and that is just as true with the advent of Windows 8 touch devices, as well. Namco Bandai’s PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+ Windows 8 game is one of the best titles to enjoy and it has recently received a number of important updates in the Windows Store. If you have already downloaded the game and have it running, and have check the option to receive automatic updates, then you will probably not know what has been updated. That’s why we’re here.

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Enjoy the classical ‘oldie’ Pac-Man on your Windows 8 device

The sequel to the original PAC-MAN and award-winning power pellet chomping game, PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX returns with even more content! Chomp through bright neon mazes at blistering speeds to unlock brand new achievements and medals for an increased challenge! With a refined user-interface, it’s easier than ever to compare high scores with your friends! Get ready for more ghost chain gobbling and frantic action in PAC-MAN CE-DX+!

The latest release of the game, number 4, has brought Facebook integration to users of the game for increased social interaction. The previous releases since the game was launched in the Store have brought Windows RT support, multiple languages for international users, and plenty of other in-game related features, such as premium DLC, medals, comparison with friends screen, personal progress report screen and some others.

This is not a lightweight Pac-Man game for Windows 8 like the others, as it comes with a size of almost 500 megabytes, caused by the great visuals and sound featured in the game. The single drawback with the game is its really high price of 10 bucks, but there’s a free trial available, at least, so you get to play the game for free for a few days and then decide if you want to buy.

Download PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+ game for Windows 8


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