You could be targeted by nation-sponsored hackers [MICROSOFT WARNING]

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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You could be targeted by nation-sponsored hackers

Microsoft warned around 10.000 customers in the past year that they are being targeted by nation-sponsored hackers.

According to Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Customer Security & Trust, most of the attacks were focused on corporations, but the rest on consumer email accounts. 

He also said that the main technique used by hackers is spear-phishing:

Phosphorus typically attempts to compromise the personal accounts of individuals through a technique known as spear-phishing, using social engineering to entice someone to click on a link, sometimes sent through fake social media accounts that appear to belong to friendly contacts. The link contains malicious software that enables Phosphorus to access computer systems.

The main attackers are five groups sponsored by Iran, North Korea, and Russia. They’re also known as Holmium, Strontium, and Yttrium, the last being 3 different groups.

It seems like the news started a lot of controversy between Windows 10 users, who now are scared of being targeted,as well. Here’s what some of them are saying:

And Congress takes zero action to protect its own citizens.

Widows OS is used by most people to include government and private business. It has the largest blast radius and is there fore a prime target for a attack’s

If you want to get rid of the worries, be sure to use an antivirus solution, or an anti-malware one.

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Cybersecurity and hacking have been hot topics for some time now, and it seems that things are getting more and more serious. Keep your Windows updated, protect your emails, and watch your clicks.

Nowadays, someone is always coming for your personal info!

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