NBA 2K18 bugs: game freezes, black screen issues, Career Mode crashes, and more

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NBA 2k18 bugs

If you’re a basketball fan and a gamer, you definitely should add NBA 2K18 on your list. This new game version brings a bevy of new features and challenges to the table that will have you hooked in front of your PC screen for hours on end.

Unfortunately, your gaming experience may sometimes get a bit buggy due to a series of issues affecting the game. In this article, we’re going to list the most common NBA 2K18 issues reported by gamers, as well as their corresponding workarounds if available.

NBA 2K18 reported bugs

NBA 2K18 won’t launch

If you can’t launch the game, rest assured, you’re not the only one. Many gamers report that the first update prevents the game from launching. The good news is that if you wait for about 30 minutes, NBA 2K 17 will eventually launch.

so ive been on thre game for the past 2-30 minutes waiting for the in-game download update and its downloading any issue or things i can do to fix ?

NBA 2K18 career crashes

Many players report that career mode is unavailable. The game simply crashes before the proper action starts.

Cant Even Play my first career game
Crashes on the final buzzer of the ♥♥♥♥ing game way to go 2k

Black screen issues

Other players report that sometimes the game becomes unplayable due to black screen issues. Most likely, this is only a graphics issue that can quickly be solved by installing the latest graphics driver updates.

i trying starting nba 2k18 .i hear only music,the screen is black,i see nothing…..?

Low FPS issues

Almost every newly launched game is affected by FPS issues and NBA 2K18 is no exception.

Hi, I have super low fps on high settings although I can run 2K17 easily.
I have GTX 1050 and i5 7300HQ 8gb ram, someone please help

For a better gaming experience, we recommend downloading Game Fire for free. It will help with various gaming issues, such as low FPS, lags and slow PC.

NBA 2K17 won’t detect Xbox One controller

Strangely enough, many gamers that used Xbox One controllers to play NBA 2K17 reported that the latest game won’t recognize the devices. Also, Xbox 360 controllers works on 2K18, but not the Xbox One controller.

Xbox One controller and xbox 360 controller worked in 2k17, but atm it won’t detect my xbox one controller. Anyone have a fix?
It works in many other games, nba2k17, forza horizon 3, gears of war 4, killing floor 2,etc…
Windows detects it, I just get a message that says no dual stick controller detected when 2k18 starts up to go to the main menu

NBA 2K18 freezes

Gamers complained that sometimes NBA 2K18 freezes all of a sudden, forcing them to restart the game and sometimes even the PC.

I went into gym to check it, did one drill i guess my game froze so i had to end the process, went to play one park?? i guess you can call it still that now game and crashed as well.

These are the most frequent NBA 2K17 issues affecting gamers. Meanwhile, we also compiled a list of general solutions that may help you fix some of the annoying NBA 2K18 bugs that you encountered.

If you’ve come across various workarounds to NBA 2K18 issues, feel free to list the troubleshooting steps in the comments below.


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Game constantly freezes when doing workouts in training area. I have had to restart mycareer 5 times in the past 2 hrs. It’s done this periodically since I got the game but it’s only getting worse instead of better. Am I alone in this issue?

Same for me but it just started doing this after I made shirt. In fact I made the shirt and it froze came back entered the shirt into contest and now freezes in the gym. It did freeze once on the run through neighborhood but that’s was only random one I remember.
I’m wondering if the patch fixed yours? And I just made my shoes so no patch issue with shoes…yet.
I don’t even feel like filling out a ticket to tell these clowns. Everything seems like a fight with them.
I thought my ps4 was going out and literally put on its side after a reboot. I hope it’s just that shirt I made but that’s a crappy thing to hope for…just better than alternative. 2k…things seem so much more complicated areas than should be

I have issues with playing a my career game and as soon as the game finishes it freezes and I lose connection, making me have to play the same game over and over until it goes through to the locker room. I lose all vc points and ranking points.

Anyone having issue with career freezing when you try to look at the agents text messages and if so what’s the work around?

Yea yeah same here ! Been trying to find a solutions for the past 12 hrs and nothing , try going to the last place you opened the phone and it froze(for me it was during meeting Joel embiid at the pro am).. just know it’s not your PS4 or the game disc. GameStop gave me a new copy and it was the same and my other players text messages work fine

In my career I was waiting in line to use the reaction mini game and I got a text to choose the pair of free shoes and then it froze and now everytime I try to open organs text message the game freezes to the point I need to restart the game does anyone else have this issue and know how to fix it

Go to the settings. When In the neighbourhood go to nav screen press down than right. Go into options than settings and there you go

i had 100,000 vc spent it on my player and now the game crashed all of its gone does any one know how to fix this or bring this file back

How’d you get that much so fast.. lol but 2k is making back up profiles for everyone because of this problem should be fixed soon

Wow this is my second time creating a player after it being deleted with both of my players having a overall of 85 I even spent $80 worth of VC points for both players and it got deleted this actually makes me hate playing this game now I was very far with my progress with both my players and it felt like I worked hard for nothing

My 2k career crashed then started me back at the first game after being like 10 games deep, also deleting all my progress on my badges.