Windows 10 Nearby Share supports iOS and Android for easy file transfer

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Windows 10 April 2018 Update brought a lot of exciting features getting users hyped. One of them is the Nearby Share which Microsoft created to allow straightforward file transfer between PCs running Windows 10.

Transfer files from phone to your PC via Nearby Share

What other place to reveal the great news involving Nearby Share than the Build 2018 developer conference? The tech giant unveiled that this feature is supported from Android phones and it will enable users to send files and links from their Android handsets to their PCs running Windows 10.

The feature was showed off when the Microsoft team discussed its integration into apps and adding the Project Rome SDK into iOS and Android apps.

Nearby Share makes use of Bluetooth in order to find nearby PCs, and after that, it will decide automatically whether WiFi or Bluetooth should be used for transferring the file more efficiently. This depends on whether the devices are part of the same network.

Nearby Share feature availability

We don’t know exactly whether this feature will be included in the general share contract on Android or iOS. Microsoft didn’t mention when the feature will get fully implemented for both mobile platforms but is seems that the company will definitely start with Android. We’ll have to wait some more until we find out whether or when Microsoft plans to expand the Nearby Share feature to mobile devices as well.

The Nearby Share feature made its debut in the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, but it was teased back in November 2017. You can share any kind of data between devices via Nearby Share. The fact that Microsoft made the feature available for Android first may be due to the popularity and abundance of Android devices on the market.



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