NetDisabler allows users to fully take control of their internet connection’s ON/OFF switch

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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ZA’s new Windows-based freeware program NetDisabler has surfaced courtesy of its developer Sordum and can be used to completely shut off a computer from the internet. There are multiple internet disrupting elements used in the software resulting in a higher success rate. You’ll find familiar tools such as DNS blocking, network adapter disabling and blocking through the Windows Firewall combined with newer ones that offer better results than disparate tools, so Sordum allows NetDisabler users to use them at the same time.


One of the application’s greatest features is the fact that it’s clean and doesn’t leave a mess behind it. It comes in the form of a very small zip file that’s less than 1MB. Once unzipped, users will only have two executables on the screen. This means there are no additional files, installation files, or wizards. Additionally, there are no Windows processes left running either. One of the executables is 32-bit while the other one is 64-bit.

How does it work?

Users simply launch it via one of the executables and then check the boxes pertaining to the internet disabling methods they want to use. Once that’s taken care of, they just have to initiate the command and the internet connection will be disabled. Restoring it is just as easy. It’s practically the reverse process, with users having to uncheck the boxes and commence the application once more.

Is it safe?

NetDisabler comes with password protection, which assures users that no one without permission will tamper with their settings or configuration in their absence. Not having some type of protection might have been a big flaw in its design, but NetDisabler comes through and offers the ability to set a password.


NetDisabler isn’t a flashy app but it does the job it was created to do, which is more than enough for most people. With a simple and secure interface, this Sordum freeware allows people to quickly and seamlessly turn the internet off and on.


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