Project Chesire, a new to-do app for Windows 10, now available in the Windows Store

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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If it wasn’t clear already, Microsoft is a company chock full of new ideas. One of its most recent ones is an initiative called Project Chesire — aka Project To-Do. While it’s an app in the early stages of development, Microsoft assures users they’re working hard to deliver the best to-do app ever. The app coming out of Project To-Do appears to be very simple and easy to use, so we’ll definitely stay tuned for updates.

Microsoft’s description of the app stokes our curiosity:

Introducing a brand new and simple, yet incredibly focused, to-do app that helps you get stuff done. Please note that we are still in the early stages of development and are working hard in the background to deliver you the best to-do app ever.

For the time being, the app is not operational. If you try to open it, you’ll get a “Coming soon” message on a white screen. Despite this fact, the app has already received a 3.5 rating, meaning that users are eager to test it. You can use the app on both your phone and Windows 10 computer. For the time being, the app is only available in English. And since the app is in beta, you can report any issues you encounter to Microsoft once it becomes operational by clicking on the “Report this app” button.

Thanks to the test run by MSPoweruser, a bit of a sneak preview of Project To-Do app is available. The guys managed to get their hands on an internal version of the app, discovering basic to-do app functionality like keeping track of scheduled tasks, creating new to-do lists, adding new tasks, and syncing to-do lists between devices. We wonder what else — if anything — Microsoft has up its sleeve with this one to truly make it the “best to-do app ever.”

Downsides have also been identified: you cannot share a to-do list or add a contributor, for instance. Perhaps with enough feedback, Microsoft will add these features to the final version of the app. Let’s wait and see.

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