New Evernote app for Windows 10 now available on the Windows Store

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A couple of days ago, Evernote released a new Windows 10 app in the Windows Store and brings a complete experience for PCs running Windows 10 since it’s based on the Desktop App Converter, a feature developed by Microsoft.

The Desktop App Converter is a tool that lets developers move their Win32 apps to the Windows Store easily. This means developers can update their apps flawlessly and will be able to use some of the most up-to-date features included in Windows 10. For instance, you can integrate Universal Windows Platform features in Win32 apps, referring to the Action Center, Live Tiles and other specific options.

It goes without saying the Windows 10 app released by the company includes all the features found on its Win32 counterpart. You can completely edit something, import notebooks or simply create them from scratch. Moreover, it supports the various pricing plans you find with Evernote. If you’ve already subscribed to Evernote Plus or its Premium version, you will keep all the extra features you enjoy and are paying for.

Sadly, this version of Evernote seems not to support Live Tiles and doesn’t work on devices running Windows 10 Mobile, mainly because the Desktop App Converter only runs on desktops. Shocking. You should also know that Evernote will remove the Evernote Touch app found in the Windows Store for Windows 10 soon.



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