Top 4 New Features in Debugging Tools for Windows 8.1

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To reduce the number of bugs in their apps, Windows 8 developers have at their disposal the Windows 8.1 debugging tools package. Here’s what’s new in the latest version
new debugging tools windows 8.1
Earlier we were talking about how you can download the updated Debugging Tools utility for Windows 8.1. Now it’s time to talk about some of the new features that this software utensil comes with. Windows 8 developer understand how important the Debugging Tools suite is to have a clean app, so they will be interested to find out what has been made new in the latest version.

We’ve managed to find four important new features, but if you know some more, let us know and we’ll gladly update the article. For now, here’s what’s new in the Debugging Tools utility for Windows 8.1.

GPIO Extensions

The General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) extension commands display the software state of GPIO controllers. These commands display information from data structures maintained by the GPIO framework extension driver (Msgpioclx.sys). For information about the GPIO framework extension, see General-Purpose I/O (GPIO) Drivers.

HID Extensions

The HID debugger extension commands are implemented in Hidkd.dll. To load the HID commands, enter .load hidkd.dll in the debugger. Getting started with the HID extensions To start debugging a HID issue, enter the !hidtree command. The !hidtree command displays a list of commands and addresses that you can use to investigate device objects, preparsed HID data, and HID report descriptors.

Kernel-Mode Driver Framework extension commands improvements

Most of the Kernel-Mode Driver Framework extension commands now work with UMDF 2 as well as KMDF. Some commands (for example !wdfkd.wdfumdevstacks) that specifically support UMDF 2 have been added to this set.

Paging file improvements

Paging file can now be included in a CAB file along with a memory dump file. See CAB Files that Contain Paging Files Along with a Memory Dump

As a Windows 8 developer, can you confirm that these changes make it easier to develop apps for Windows 8.1? Let us know about your experience by leaving your comment below.


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