Fitbit for Windows 10 gets a bunch of new features

by Madalina Dinita
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Fitbit, the app that helps you to live a healthier life, has recently received a series of new features and improvements so that you can better track your all-day activities. Let’s see what the new features are!

  • Improvements to Custom HR Settings – many users had previously reported heart-rate issues, more specifically they complained that the heart recordings were not so precise. The issue has now been fixed.
  • App should now refresh appropriately when device comes out of sleep – users had detected some lag after the device got off the sleep mode.
  • Account tab layout has been updated
  • Added support for JumpLists
  • Localization improvements – to increase the accuracy of the results.
  • General bug fixes and improvements.

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This awesome app can be used on its own to track basic activities on your phone. Or you can connect with one of Fitbit’s many activity trackers along with the Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale to generate a more complete picture of your health by keeping count of the number of steps taken, distance covered, amount of calories burned, number of hours slept, and weight gains and losses.

Here is a quick list of the things this app can do:

  • Track activity: accurately record your steps and distance with MobileTrack. Pair the app with a Fitbit tracker and you can get an all-day tracking of various stats such as calories burnt, active minutes or hours of sleep.
  • Run smarter: you can track your pace, time and distance via MobileRun. Use your phone’s GPS to map your routes.
  • Monitor heart rate: use a Fitbit tracker with PurePulse™ to analyze heart rate graphs in the app and see the results of your workouts.
  • Log food: log calories with the bar-code scanner, calorie estimator and expanded food database for more than 350,000 foods. Plus you can review your meal history.
  • Set and manage goals: create weight, nutrition and exercise goals and start a plan. Consult the visual picture of your progress with colorful, easy-to-read charts and graphs to stay on track. Notifications pop up when you’re close to reaching a goal or have already reached one.
  • Manage your sleep: set sleep goals or monitor how much time you spent awake, restless or sleeping.
  • Share and compete: share stats, send direct-messages and compete on the leaderboard.

Get that beach body you’ve been dreaming about! Download the app from the Microsoft Store.

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