Lenovo releases 3 new ThinkPad P series laptops with VR support

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Every tech savvy individual has marked their calendar for the 26th of February when the 2017 edition of MWC kicks off in Barcelona. However, some of you might know that this weekend also hosts an event where tech is also unveiled and while it is a smaller event than MWC, the Solidworks World event still manages to pull in a crowd. Those attending can witness firsthand Lenovo’s latest laptops part of the ThinkPad P series and branded P51, P51S and P71.

The new laptops aren’t designed to make jaws drop in terms of outer design and aesthetics, but rather their entire focus is performance. This means that you can count on one of these variants to complete whatever task you have prepared for it. With a massive focus on productivity and work efficiency, the new ThinkPads feature some impressive specifications.

Starting with the graphics processor, we have a Quadro M520M GPU courtesy of NVIDIA. This is what comes with the bottom variant of the series which is the ThinkPad P51S. This model will cost you around $1050.

If you’re willing to up the price to about $1400, you can get the ThinkPad P51 variant which comes with a Xenon E3-v6 processing unit. The GPU has been replaced with an NVIDIA Quadro M2200M and is rounded out with 64GB of RAM. (It’s understandable if you need a moment to process that last bit.)

The big boss of the pack is undoubtedly the ThinkPad P71. This unit comes with an even more ridiculously powerful GPU in the form of the Quadro P5000M from NVIDIA. There is also support for VR included, as well as a large 17-inch screen which can facilitate any kind of content you need to watch.

Although Windows 10 is the preferred platform, those more comfortable working with Red Hat Enterprise Linux or even the Linux version of Ubuntu can opt for them instead. Some are excited about the possibility of being able to get Windows 10 Professional instead of the Home edition.



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