New mouse highlighter for presentations from PowerToys 0.51

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • There is a new presentation helper from Microsoft that will be useful in meetings.
  • Microsoft has been working towards empowering users by releasing more relatable and valuable tools during the pandemic.
  • PowerToys has been providing users with powerful tools to optimize performance for a long time.
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If you are an instructor or trainer, Microsoft has something in store for you that will make your work easier. 

The company has introduced a new update for PowerToys with a presentation mode helper. The new feature now highlights the mouse clicks such that they can be viewed by everyone looking on the screen.

PowerToys also came in handy with the launch of Windows 11, where Microsoft did away with a lot of Start Menu features, but with PowerToys, users can expand it for more functionalities.

New Mouse highlighter

The new feature tool will assist trainers, instructors, and anyone else make a presentation easily as audiences tend to get lost when they cannot track the mouse pointer.

To take advantage of this new feature, users will need to enable it manually. You can navigate to Windows + Shift + N keys and press them simultaneously.

Do more with PowerToys

Aside from the update, users can also customize the mouse highlighter to their preferences by changing the color, effects, radius, and opacity in the settings.

The mouse highlighter is not the only update in PowerToys. Version 0.51 comes with other additional improvements for Image resizer, FancyZones, Color Picker, and a bunch of bug fixes.

Additional features

In FancyZones, users have now been introduced to window switching, meaning they can assign two different applications to one zone and switch between them.

The Find My Mouse tool also has new improvements that address issues with virtual PCs.

A new feature on the horizon is the ‘Always on top’ that lets users select which window they wish to remain at the top of all others.

According to the Program Manager, Clint Rutkas;

“We’ve been focusing work on “Always on Top” system to help make any window you want to be the top most. A lot of thought is currently going into interaction models to make sure it ‘feels’ right for toggling as well as visualizing,” 

You need to check for updates if you are using PowerToys in the General Tab to take advantage of the new updates.

Have you tried PowerToys yet, and are these new features incentive enough to get you to download it if you haven’t already? Let us know in the comment section below.