New OneDrive flyout sparks curiosity among users

Costea Lestoc By: Costea Lestoc
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When it comes to productivity, few companies can match Microsoft’s dedication. The numerous updates and features constantly being released for Windows users are a testament to the developer’s capability of keeping its community enticed. The latest feature spotted is related to Microsoft’s cloud service, OneDrive.

OneDrive is popular among cloud users and is considered one of the top solutions when it comes to storing files online alongside the likes of Dropbox and Google Drive. Recent implementations have given it even more capability and integration with other applications and services. The latest one is a flyout for OneDrive’s Windows 10 version. While this isn’t necessarily a massive update in itself, it’s great to see all aspects of the Windows platform being taken care of. The new flyout is currently undergoing a process referred to as A/B testing. Once A/B testing is complete, we can talk about what’s next for OneDrive’s latest additions.

There are some implications with A/B testing. What users should keep in mind is that there is no manual way to update the OneDrive version currently installed on your computer. These updates come automatically through Microsoft’s OneDrive servers and are distributed according to Microsoft’s needs, meaning you might get the feature early or you might get it pretty late.

To check out which version is available for you, click the icon for OneDrive. If you’re using Windows 10, the icon should be located somewhere along your taskbar. If you didn’t have any luck yet, don’t worry. The new flyout is bound to reach all systems and the process will be sped up significantly once Microsoft decides to push it out to more people so regardless of when that time may be, you should receive the new OneDrive Flyout soon.



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