New release: Sea of Thieves season 5 comes with new features

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Players will now have access to a plethora of new features that will enhance gameplay.
  • Some of the new features include cannon rowboats, fireworks and flares as well as a speaking tool that fosters communication amongst the players.
  • The Plunder Pass allows the gamers to customize the pirate and ship.

Sea of Thieves has progressively made major improvements since its debut, especially when you consider some of its competitors like Xbox and Rare game studios who are consistently unlocking new heights and are a major threat in the industry.

Rare released a brand-new trailer for Sea Thieves on Monday. The trailer provides a comprehensive overview of what is expected once the official release is made and users get their hands on the chaotic pirate simulator in its Season 5 update. 

As such, there is plenty to look out for leading up to the official release date. Users will get access to plethora of new features, an upgrade to the quality-of-life and many more improvements. 

Plunder pass

Season 5’s update is considerably sizable, it is expected to come with a lot of smaller tweaks and updates that will generally make it easier to play as the ultimate pirate in game.

Moreover, it is worth noting that there will be new features in place that will help in enhancing the inevitable pirate missions more exciting. 

Gamers can now also take full advantage of the Plunder Pass, as it allows them to customize the pirate and the ship as they earn rewards.

Expected improvements

The new season will come with cannon rowboats, as the name suggests it is typically a standard rowboat with a cannon strapped to the front. Therefore, if you hide it in your ship it gets to provide you with additional firepower. Moreover, it can also serve as a light attack vessel. 

You can now bury your loot for safe keeping. As compared to the previous versions, you can now bury your chest and treasure in the sand at a location of your choice. Do not worry, you will also get a custom treasure map that will guide you back to the exact location when you need it.

A unique feature to also look out for is that you can actually share your treasure map online to other Thieve players and try to hunt for the treasure together in real time. 

If the other party gets to your stash before you, you will also get rewarded a couple of points including a lot of Renown.

The new season also grants the players access to fireworks and flares. This gives you the opportunity to employ the cannons on the ship and act as fireworks displays. 

The fireworks enhance the aesthetic appeal of the game. They also come in a wide array of varieties. 

This time you also have the ability to fire the variety of flares from your ship. This could either be with the aim of creating more lighting when it is too dark, or for signaling other team layers that there is looming danger.

The game also comes with a new feature where the player can be able to sit down or even sleep wherever there is a chair or sleep. This allows you to regain health over time.

Furthermore, players can use the speaking tool backward to communicate to other team players through whispering instead of shouting. Moreover, you can also use the new emotes and ways to communicate while playing the game.

Sea of Thieves is one of the best Xbox games for multiplayers with over 25 million players. 

Which feature excites you most when it comes to the new release? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.