New Surface Book model emerges, more storage bang for your buck

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One of the Surface Book series’ strong suits is the ability to please a wide range of customers with models with specs that cater to different priorities. Alongside the already anticipated lineup of Surface Book devices, Microsoft has announced yet another device version which focuses on storage space.

Out of the entire Surface Book line, only three of them come with HD Graphics from Intel. The other four get dedicated GPU’s that perform way better. The newest model is one of the three that come with Intel graphics, sacrificing video power for more storage in an acceptable price range. The three models that come with lower GPU’s all feature the same amount of RAM power, which is 8 GB.

The storage Surface Book comes with 512 GB of free space and features the Core i5 processor from Intel. The device is third when it comes to most affordable Surface Book model, the first two slots being filled by the 128 GB version and the 256 GB version.  With a price tag of $2000, the 512 GB Surface Book will appeal to those who have no use for more video processing power but are in need of more storage space on their device.

The 512 GB model is both cheaper and pricier than the 256 GB model in the sense that the 256 GB version comes with both an i5 and an i7 processor, so depending on which 256 GB model we’re talking about and what exactly it is that a user is looking for in their Surface Book, the 256 GB Microsoft device could be better or worse than the 512 GB one.

Those interested in the 512 GB Surface Book can pre-order the device from Microsoft’s online store. Shipping for the device starts on the 10th of November.



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