Have a look at Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Pro model

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  • Not long ago, we said that Microsoft filed for a patent that involved a new Surface device.
  • The future laptop is supposed to feature a futuristic design, with a floating 14-inch screen.
  • New renderings now depict what this gadget could actually look like when it hits the market.
  • No official launch date has been confirmed, but it will presumably be released with Windows 11.
surface pro design

Two weeks ago we were talking about a patent that Microsoft filed, which depicts a laptop that can convert from a normal clamshell appearance to a floating screen like the Magic Keyboard.

And there has been growing momentum behind the idea that the tech company’s next generation of Surface Book will quickly become a public favorite, especially with the imminent launch of Windows 11.

However, many feel like the Redmond giant is simply trying to fill its pockets by profiting from the hype of the upcoming operating system.

Whichever reason might be at the core of this creation, we can all agree that it’s probably going to be a good-looking gadget.

New art shows what the Surface Pro could end up looking like

This new idea wasn’t just met with enthusiasm, as some people clearly say that the swiveling screen mounted on a two-point hinge setup with stabilizing and friction assembly is the same as the Sony VAIO Duo and the iPad Pro-Magic Keyboard attachment.

A pretty ingenious design, though, with the pull forward 14-inch display instead of one that can detach, in size with a dynamic high-refresh-rate, and powerful mobile graphics from NVIDIAs RTX line.

Graphics designer David Breyers has created a series of renders imaging what a real Surface Book Studio may look like.

The price we will have to pay for the Surface Book 4 is unknown at this time. But, considering it will likely be positioned as a more powerful and versatile Surface Laptop, it’ll most likely cost a lot.

We could actually see prices starting at around the same as the Surface Book 3, which is $1,599

With that in mind, we just don’t know what Microsoft plans to charge for this device, as it will likely be considered a new form factor with a new design and limited availability at first.

As you would imagine, there’s not much to go on when talking about this new device, with very few details about the specs it might feature, at this moment.

We do know that the new model will reportedly feature a more powerful processor and graphics card, an improved screen, and could come with a larger trackpad and updated Surface Pen with improved haptic feedback.

Operating system Windows 11 (Home or Pro)
Display 14 inches, 3:2 aspect ratio, Dynamic Refresh Rate
Processor Unknown
Graphics NVIDIA RTX Graphics
Memory 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
Storage 256GB, 512GB, 1TB
Expandable storage Unknown
Security Windows Hello
Ports Unknown
Battery Unknown
Colors Unknown

Of course, with the release of the new OS scheduled for October/November, it’s presumed that this device will be among the first to ship with Windows 11 out of the box.

There still are a lot of people with machines that don’t fulfill the necessary requirements to run the upcoming operating system, so many of them will be looking to purchase new technology.

A more than perfect moment for Microsoft to launch a new model of futuristic laptops that are Windows 11 compatible and look like something you would see in a movie.

All-in-all, a pretty cool gadget, don’t you think? We’re only hoping that this mode doesn’t come with some of the problems that its predecessors had in the past.

We all know that Microsoft-built laptops tend to overheat pretty fast, and there were cases where the devices got so hot, the battery started building outward.

What are your thoughts on this new Surface Pro laptop? Let us know in the comments section below.