VAIO working on a new Windows 10 Mobile smartphone to join its Phone Biz

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With the Phone Biz still in works for the April release, Vaio might be preparing another Windows 10 Mobile-powered smartphone for the US market. From the information that we posses at the moment, the OEM isn’t planning to bring the Biz outside Japan. So, in that respect, a new device received the SIG (Bluetooth Special Interest Group) certification, heralding the imminent launch of the device.

The new Window 10 Vaio smartphone will be manufactured by the Taiwan based company Quanta Computer and will have software version number of 10.0.10586. According to the same listing (check the image from below) the smartphone has passed the Bluetooth certification on March 11, thus we might notice an official press release during the following weeks (probably next month though, so don’t get high expectations right from the start).

Window 10-based Vaio smartphone gets SIG Certification

The product code for this phone is VPB0511S, so once more it’s unlikely to find any similarities between the Vaio Phone Biz (which has the model number of VPU051C11N) and this new Windows 10 featured smartphone that might target the US market – as already pointed out, the Phone Biz will be made available only in Japan.

A Quanta phone has been already leaked at GFXBench starting with December last year, but it’s a little bit too soon to drag any connections between these two devices. However, the Quanta MTP8952 is powered by a Snapdragon 615 chipset and features a 4.5 inch HD display, so a mid ranger in this situation.

Will the new Vaio keep the same line in term of specifications and other hardware performances? Well, we must wait and see as for now we only have the SIG certification to rely on.

Anyway, what we know for sure is that Vaio is preparing a new Windows 10 Mobile smartphone, so our fingers are crossed for a quick US release. We hope to discover soon further details such as the full specs and official pricing. Of course, stay close as we will update you with news as soon as something fresh comes out.


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