Microsoft to Unveil Two New Windows 10 Smartphones at MWC 2016

by Ivan Jenic
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This year’s CES is over, but we have another huge tech convention ahead of us this February. You guessed it right, Mobile World Congress 2016 is little more than a month away from us, and since it’s the biggest mobile phone conference in the world, we expect a lot of major companies to unveil their new products in Barcelona.

And our main focus, Microsoft should be among these companies, as the rumor is spreading that the company will present one, or maybe two new devices at this year’s MWC. And since only a few devices come with pre-installed version of Windows 10 Mobile, we expect to see some mid-range phones to enhance the offer.

Microsoft to Announce Lumia 750 and Lumia 850 in Barcelona?

There’s a word around the internet that Microsoft will announce the Lumia 750 or the Lumia 850, or maybe even both devices, at MWC. But these are just rumors, as we have absolutely no official info about this statement. However, some reports say that both Lumia 750 and Lumia 850 were cancelled, so we’ll have to wait until February to see what rumor is true.

Satya Nadella did recently speak that Microsoft should present three new phones soon: a budget phone, a business minded mid-range phone, and a premium flagship phone. And since mid-range phone that comes with Windows 10 Mobile pre-installed has yet to be announced, MWC seems like a perfect place for that.

However, some people also believe that Microsoft might fill the mid-range offering just with Lumia 650, but as Windows 10 Mobile will become widely available soon, anything could happen. But on the other hand, some other reports show that a mid-range device, that is not the Lumia 650, went through various Asian certification agencies, in the timeline of MWC 2016 announcement.

Once again, these are all just rumors, and we don’t have an official confirmation about any of them. As you can see, there are a lot of theories, and all of them have a logical background, but they can easily be proven false, as well. Perhaps much more things will be clearer after MWC, which starts on 22nd February.

Windows Report will be at in Barcelona, at Mobile World Congress 2016, so we’ll make sure to keep you updated with all the news and announcements, live from the event.

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