New look and new awesome features in Yammer Preview

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • It comes with your Office 365 subscription, but it's bound to revolutionize the way in which your organization interacts. We are talking about Yammer, of course.
  • Read on and have a taste of future enhancements to be expected somewhere in July with the Yammer Preview.
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New look and new awesome features in Yammer Preview

If Facebook is for sharing the latest recipes on Tasty, Yammer brings Facebook-like communication inside your organization.

The new Yammer is available in public preview

Integrated into the Office 365 subscription, your favorite ESN has gone through a serious makeover and the new Yammer is now available to organizations in public preview!

Logo of Yammer


Whether you’re using the Office 365 App Launcher or the Yammer mobile app, you will be able to enjoy brand new features and enhancements in the preview phase.

Here’s a quick peek on what to expect from your brand new, entirely redesigned Yammer – keep reading!

New features

Groups are now called communities and you can pin your favorites to the navigation bar for quick access. There is an entire set of features related to building communities and you can get as personalized an experience as you want by adding cover photos, avatars, or company logos.

Yammer Preview communities

You will also get a taste of the future integrations Yammer has in store as your communities will be able to follow you in Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and SharePoint.

Making announcements or setting up questions and polls to better engage your collaborators across Microsoft 365 is another cool feature that will certainly boost your Yammer experience.

As you have probably seen by now, Artificial Intelligence is gaining ground. Fast. The new Yammer Preview picked-up on this ascending trend, thus bringing you an AI-powered feed that intuitively selects relevant conversations, people, and topics you follow.

New editing capabilities and new sharing options including search and notifications add even more zing to the Yammer suite bar.

Another cool feature is given by the now Azure AD unified user profiles that allow you to easily locate any person of interest within the organization effortlessly.

Get access to the Preview

Enable the new Yammer preview

Once enabled by your Admin, the preview will be available for you to access. However, this is not a one-way journey and you will be able to, let’s say, switch back to the classic version.

Speaking about options, the Preview is really not mandatory to install and you can, if you’re a bit of a skeptical, have a test before deciding to adhere to this phase.

Curious to snoop around? We say don’t just get caught in the hassle, but test for yourself. If you do decide to join the Preview Phase, feel free to share your experience with us by leaving a comment below.