The New York Times Crossword App Lands on Windows 8

by Radu Tyrsina
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A while ago, we were talking about the fact that the official “The New York Times” crossword app was on the works for Windows 8 owners, and now it has finally made it officially on the Windows Store. Read below for more details on this.
new york times crossword app for windows 8
new york times crossword app windows 8
The New York Times Crossword game has finally been made available for Windows 8 users, and this is the second app that The New York Times developer team releases, after the official app for the newspaper with the same name. So, if you love to solve crossword games on your Windows 8 tablet, this is perhaps on of the best choices in the Windows Store.

The New York Times Crossword game now on the Windows Store

Here’s how the official description of the game sounds like:

The best crossword in the world is better than ever! Enjoy the same puzzles printed in the daily newspaper on the only mobile crossword app built by The New York Times. The New York Times Crossword is free to download, and all users get unlimited access to the daily puzzle and calendar archive for 7 days. After that, subscribe for full access to The Crossword on Windows 8 and at

Your subscription now gives you access to The Crossword on at no additional charge! Just connect or create an account in your account settings and Play Anywhere. Your Windows puzzle progress will be saved and available on the web and vice versa!

It’s the same puzzle that’s printed every day in The New York Times newspaper. All daily puzzles are available the previous day at 10p EST with a subscription, so enjoy Tuesday’s puzzle on Monday at 10p! Practice and learn how to solve the puzzle on Monday or Tuesday or challenge yourself with even harder puzzles later in the week.

What’s really cool is that you have a Surface tablet and a pen, you can ‘solve the way crosswords were meant to be solved’ and that is by writing directly on the puzzle. Also, subscribers can enjoy nearly 20 years of classic puzzles from the NYT archives and it’s possible to solve puzzles that include new tricks like rebuses, highlighted or underlined squares. Go ahead and follow the link from below to download the game on your Windows 8.1 devices!

Download The New York Times Crossword game on Windows 8

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