NexDock shipments will resume soon

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The NexDock is a device that uses Microsoft’s Continuum feature to transform any Windows 10 Mobile smartphone, tablet, mini PC, Raspberry Pi or other device into a laptop. Its retail price is expected to be $149, but those who pre-ordered it paid $99 plus shipping. However, after discovering power issues in the first batch of the devices, the NexDock team had to cancel all shipments until they could resolve it.

The NexDock team explained what happened with the device and why it didn’t work:

“As it turns out, some of the PCBA’s have defective resistor and capacitor, which cause the problem when certain devices are connected to NexDocks. We are currently working with the ODM on a few alternatives to come up with the most efficient way to rectify the situation. Those backers who experienced the same problem of powering up their units while not plugged into AC outlet should open a help desk ticket under the “My Account” menu to receive updates.”

The manufacturer had to examine all the stock not sent out and promised to keep all affected backers posted.

The manufacturer had all NexDocks inspected in Shenzhen and they are now ready to be shipped to “our freight forwarder in Hong Kong for international distribution. Sorting, labeling shipment addresses, etc. of more than 2000 units for 60 different countries will obviously take some time. You should start receiving your emails with tracking numbers beginning the middle of next week and during the following 15 days.” NexDocks believes that all customers will receive their units by the 3rd week of September.

Some customers will use the dock as an extra battery-powered screen for their laptop or by adding a wireless display adapter, to watch movies or TV shows from their Android phone.



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