Next gen Surface Pen could feature multi-device support

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Microsoft is reportedly working on a fifth generation of Surface Pen devices. The upcoming version is expected to come with support for multiple devices.

The Surface Pen is a popular tool that comes along with the hardware devices launched by Microsoft. The popularity of this tool determined Microsoft to work on enhancing its existing capabilities. This time, Microsoft is concentrating on some more important aspects

It looks like Microsoft’s Surface Pen is all set for a major revamp. USPTO recently published a patent that shed some light on how the fifth generation Surface Pen will look like.

This version is aimed at satisfying the needs of those Surface Pen users who love to use their Surface Pen across various devices. The upcoming version will also support fast and automatic coupling between various devices.

Surface Pen Patent Design

Fifth Gen Surface Pen features

Additionally, the fifth generation Surface Pen will keep track of the devices it has been paired with via an automatic search protocol. As soon as the pen goes near to a screen, this intelligent feature helps the device to automatically connect with the recognized devices.

One of the most interesting features of this pen is that it maintains a separate profile for all your devices. This profile further maintains a record of pen configurations for each of your devices.

These configurations include thickness or buttons of the Surface Pen. The saved configurations make it possible for users to use their desired settings automatically.

Users want additional features

One Reddit user expressed his desire to bring inking on the trackpad. He suggested:

They should let inking on the track pad as a feature for the Surface Book, would be very useful and different.

You can use a Surface Pen to quickly launch and write on Sketchpad, Sticky Note, and Screensketch with just a single click.

Some popular Microsoft devices that support collaboration, inking and touch are the Surface Hub and Surface Hub 2Microsoft Surface Pro comes with a detachable touch screen, therefore it can be considered as a perfect candidate for drawing and inking. 

What do you think of this recent development? Are you looking forward to try out the new features? Let us know in the comments section below.



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