Microsoft planning to release new Xbox consoles after Project Scarlett

by Milan Stanojevic
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Project Scarlett isn't the last console

Phil Spencer, the Head of Xbox revealed that Microsoft plans to develop new consoles after Project Scarlett is officially launched. 

In a recent interview, Spencer said that he wants Xbox to compete with all the other gaming devices out there. Still, he thinks that all the companies should collaborate to improve the overall gaming experience.

According to him, this is an opportunity for all the companies to develop innovative products to impress their users. 

He stressed on the fact that Microsoft wants to end the cold war between competitors.

Microsoft’s recent collaboration on cloud technology with Sony and Ultimate is such an example. Spencer stated that the specifications of Project Scarlett are going to be similar to the PS5.

The competition will be solely based on brand loyalty and price in that case. He said that the Xbox team aims to be a leader in the console industry.

The world doesn’t end after Project Scarlett

Spencer also shared a piece of good news to console gamers. He highlighted the fact that Scarlett is not going to be Microsoft’s final console.

At the moment, Microsoft cannot predict how the upcoming console will look like. Spencer said Microsoft is committed to producing more consoles after the release of Scarlett.

However, the development of the next console is a challenging task. Microsoft needs to focus on the evolution of the gaming industry to design the perfect console for gamers.

Project Scarlett price tag information

Furthermore, Microsoft has yet to decide the pricing for Project Scarlett. The company is facing a challenge in terms of the recent 25% tariff imposed on Chinese electronics.

During the chat session, Spencer discussed the importance of backwards compatibility games. He revealed that users Project Scarlett will allow users to play games released for previous generations of Xbox consoles.

However, Project Scarlett may not support all the games due to licensing restrictions.

Spencer discussed the importance of the Xbox Game Pass for game developers. Additionally, he said that the Xbox game-streaming service will allow the users to play games on their devices on the go.

However, they need to compromise on the frame rates and resolutions. As the Xbox streaming quality will improve in the future, this will create additional value for users. They can rent their devices to others who want to use them as streaming boxes. 


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