Windows Phone 10 to Get NFC Payment, Same to Happen with Windows 10?

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Windows Phone is increasing its market share by the year. In 2012, this operated system ranked fourth and in 2013 it was the third most used mobile phone platform. Apparently, Microsoft’s ambitions have not stopped here, since the company is planning to integrate new generation NFC payment systems into Windows Phone 10.
NFC on Windows Phone 10
Competition is fierce on the mobile phone market, therefore if a certain operating system offers a coveted feature, all the other manufacturers will hurry to integrate it into theirs. Following the same line, Microsoft is preparing to integrate the NFC payment system into Windows Phone 10.

According to a job ad posted on Microsoft’s site’s, the company is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to “join the team that builds the platform for NFC payments, across all Microsoft devices.” And all Microsoft devices also means Windows Phone 10.  The NFC payment system can already be used on Windows 8.1, but the company wants to improve it in its Windows Phone 10 version.

Microsoft has never confirmed that Windows Phone 10 would incorporated the NFC payment system, but the phrase “across all Microsoft devices” is clear enough to me.

And there is a lucky group of users who will get to see first hand the new NFC payment system on work since the preview version is expected to land somewhere in January 2015, rumors suggest.

Given the fact that Microsoft is currently recruiting for this position, the preview version could leave a lot to be desired, but one thing is clear. The company wants to create a revolution in the world of  NFC payment systems assuring candidates that they will “be working on lighting up exciting new scenarios with NFC, and changing the way we pay.”

The NFC payment system seems to be another feature that will be shared by desktop, tablet and smartphone systems, thus bringing Microsoft one step closer to unifying all its platforms. In a previous post, we already talked about Battery Saver, which is another feature now available on Windows Phone and soon on Microsoft’s desktop operating systems. Let’s wait and see what other surprises Microsoft has in store for us.



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