NieR: Automata needs a patch, not new DLC

By: Madeleine Dean
2 minute read

NieR: Automata 3C3C1D119440927 is the game’s latest DLC, adding a series of new costumes for the game’s heroes. This DLC pack adds the “Revealing Outfit” for 2B, the “Young Man’s Outfit” for 9S and the “Destroyer Outfit” for A2.  All you need to do is complete the new sub-quests included in this DLC and you can enjoy playing the game with the new garb.

However, most fans criticized Square Enix’s decision to add DLC at all, suggesting that the company should have focused on fixing the game‘s technical issues instead.

Nier: Automata desperately needs a patch

Nier: Automata has three main issues: freezes, crashes, and white screens. Since all three prevent gamers from actually playing the game, many of them strongly believe that Square Enix should not release any content updates until they’ve been fixed. Here’s how one gamer describes this situation on Steam’s forum:

Thread about DLC. 95% of posts ask for a patch for this broken port. ADDRESS THIS ALREADY! Really, what the f*ck are you devs doing?! If my game ran crashless I would have bought the DLC already.

Moreover, gamers also say that they feel that Square Enix is ignoring them on purpose and many have already lost hope that the company will release a hotfix in the near future:

I have a suspicion that because the community have made fixes with the temporary AMD/white screen fix and FAR they’re no longer going to bother with a patch. If that’s the case then it’s ridiculous how the gamers – the community – have had to fix issues with a game the developers should have done! It shouldn’t be our (the gamers) responsibility. After all – who’s paying them money for their product??

The whole lack of communication itself is bloody frustrating! Just looking through Square Enix’s general discussion and technical support forum shows loads of threads made and so many of them have zero replies. Maybe 1-3 on some of them.

Have you encountered any freezes, crashes, and white screen problems while playing Nier: Automata? What do you think about the current situation where SE decided to release a new DLC and postpone the hotfix?


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