NirSoft releases FullEventLogView and EventLogChannelsView apps

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NirSoft is owned by Nir Sofer, an experienced developer that has extensive knowledge in C++, .NET Framework, Windows API, and Reverse Engineering of undocumented binary formats and encryption algorithms. In other words, NirSoft doesn’t have any CEO or anything, as Nir Sofer is the only person who does all the work alone.

NirSoft (or Nir Sofer) has just released two new applications: FullEventLogView and EventLogChannelsView.

FullEventLogView: Information

FullEventLogView is an application that simplifies event viewer on Windows. After launching the application, you will see a table listing all recent events from Windows event log. In addition, it also displays events from a remote computer or events listed in an .evtx file. You will notice a table that displays the following: event time, description, provider, level, channel, opcode, task, keywords, process ID, thread ID, computer, user and more.

EventLogChannelsView: Information

On the other hand, the EventLogChannelsView is another simple tool that will list all your system’s event log channels. The details that this application will come with are: event log filename, channel name, enable/disabled status, current number of events in the channel and more. You have the ability to select one or more channels, set the maximum file size and even clear all their events. The application will also give you some useful information about some of the details that it shows you.


Both applications are good, but we’re not sure how many newbie users will try them out, as most of them will not understand a thing of what these two applications are reporting. However, for people who’ve been using Windows for quite a while, both applications will come in handy.

The FullEventLogView and EventLogChannelsView can be installed on computers that run on Windows Vista OS or later.

What are your thoughts about FullEventLogView and EventLogChannelsView applications? Will you use them on your Windows PC?



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