No Man’s Sky latest update takes visuals to a whole new level

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  • The No Man’s Sky: Prisms update, is free on the Microsoft Store for all owners, starting today.
  • Developers announce that every possible aspect of the game went through a total makeover.
  • The skies, planets, creatures, as well as in-game weather effects, have been drastically enhanced. 
  • PC gamers with compatible Nvidia graphics cards benefit from DLSS, potentially doubling framerate.
No Man's Sky Prisms update

A new announcement made public earlier today by Microsoft will surely have fans on the edge of their seats, smiling ear to ear.

The latest update for No Man’s Sky, called No Man’s Sky: Prisms, is free to all owners starting today.

Massive visual overhaul for No Man’s Sky

The exceptionally good news is that every possible aspect of the game went through a total makeover. And by everything, we mean the planets, skies, stars, creatures, the weather, space stations, and more.

New technology, paired with the new art ideas, means that the game will look better than it ever did. All that is left now is for players to embark on the journey and actually discover the changes.

Gamers that are now exploring planets will notice new weather effects, such as rain, which refracts the light, and surfaces that become slick and wet.

Or they could venture underground to caves with new lighting effects and more detailed environments.

The creatures that players encounter in the game now have fur, bringing that extra detail and variety to exploration and companion taming, according to Microsoft.

No Mans Sky Prisms Screen 1

As for the flying creatures, such as giant beetles, flying worms, and colossal butterflies, learn that you can now tame them and use them as fly mounts, as you ride the skies.

Developers bring new audio and visual effects to the game

Rejoice in knowing that new audio and visual effects now transform players’ interstellar experience as they warp between destinations.

At the popular Space Station, your freighter, as well as other interiors you’ll notice volumetric lights, detailed surfaces from Parallax Occlusion Mapping, and astounding reflective metallic surfaces.

No Mans Sky Prisms Screen 3

With all these brand new visual enhancements, the Photo Mode has also been upgraded, with improved depth of field and bloom controls.

Xbox Series X|S players will find detailed reflections, improved lighting quality, more detailed biomes, and more.

Those who play No Man’s Land: Prisms on PCs with compatible Nvidia graphics cards can take advantage of DLSS, potentially seeing their framerate double.

Have you tried the new update for No Man’s Sky? Share your thoughts on it with us, in the comments section below.

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