Users Report no Sound in Windows 10 Build 9926, Two Possible Fixes Available

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Microsoft has recently rolled out the January Technical Preview Build 9926 and all’s not well. Many users have reported sound issues in this build. And by sound issues we don’t mean distorted sound, we mean no sound at all.
We bet Microsoft’s engineers are overwhelmed by the feedback users have given them following the launch of the Windows 10 January Technical Preview. Unfortunately for them, it’s not all good news. One of the most common complain is about the lack of sound on computers running build 9926.

“My computer is an Asus X200CA and when i start on this new build i realized very quickly i had no sound at all….
if i check the driver is ok, if i look volum controler is look ok, but no sound.
and no micorphone to… it’s very strange….
i’m trying to find other driver”, one user reports.

Other users also confirm this issue is not uncommon:

“I can hear the normal windows sounds, but nothing when I run youtube or try to play any type of games. Ive disabled the driver from the device manager, uninstalled it and searched for new drivers….nothing.”

Microsoft has not been able to provide users with a solution for this bug, but it seem that replacing the drivers with out of date ones could do the trick. Apparently, the Conexant High Definition SmartAudio driver fixes this bug.

“i’ve search for any driver on google whit the name ” Conexant High Definition SmartAudio ”
and install it, and miracle, sound came…..”

Also, using the “Update this driver” option from the device manager works as well. It is possible the updater does not install the drivers properly although they are on the computer. It simply cannot find them.

“Went into device manager and used the “update this driver” option and chose to use “Files on this Computer” option. It did some loading and changing then the sound miraculously began to work from the speakers. After reboot, the sound was gone again so did the same thing again (update drivers from files on computer) and so far the settings have held. Sound is good.”

What is extremely strange is that this issue has already been reported in previous builds and Microsoft has not been able to come up with a solution yet. The company has acknowledged the issues back in December, but it is still present in the new build.

“I’ve been working on this one for a while, sorry I still haven’t figured it out. At least he behavior is consistent from 9879 to 9926. Thanks!”, John W, a support engineer post on the company’s community forum.

Microsoft’s engineers team is working to address the issue and a patch could soon be rolled out.

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