If your phone has 512MB of RAM, you won’t get Windows 10 Mobile

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Ever since Windows 10 Mobile was announced, there has been much speculation regarding its hardware requirements, one being that Windows 10 Mobile wouldn’t work on devices that have 512MB of RAM. Now that Microsoft announced the Windows 10 Mobile rollout, though, we can finally talk about hardware requirements without any doubts.

Windows 10 Mobile won’t support devices that have 512MB RAM

After reports that Windows 10 Mobile will be released in March, many users felt ecstatic. Unfortunately, their joy didn’t last. With the Windows 10 Mobile rollout underway, Microsoft has decided to not push out Windows 10 Mobile to devices with less than 1GB of RAM. This decision came as a shock to members of the Insider program who have been using Windows 10 Mobile on devices with 512MB of RAM. According to Insider members, devices with 512MB of RAM are perfectly capable of running Windows 10 Mobile, fueling the disappointment behind the decision.

There are no reasons behind Microsoft’s sudden decision to ship Windows 10 Mobile to more capable smartphones. It might be due to potential issues, like graphics bottlenecks and general usability, with devices that have less than 1GB of RAM. To hammer the final nail in the coffin, a tweet from Windows Insider has stated that there are no plans to bring Windows 10 Mobile to devices with 512MB of RAM.

If you check Microsoft’s list of officially supported devices, you’ll notice that all included devices come with 1GB of RAM. After looking at the list of supported devices, we can say that things are looking pretty bleak for users that have phones with less than that.


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