Windows RT: Nokia Flushes Tablet Project as Microsoft Releases Anti-iPad Ad

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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If there is anything to say about Microsoft, is that they won’t quit without a fight. Along with their latest operating system Windows 8, Microsoft released another version called Windows RT, which is a “dumbed-down” version of the full OS, as most of us know very well. Many users were very confused about what was Windows RT and still are, but this doesn’t stop Microsoft to stubbornly continue to promote Windows RT and confront it against the world’s beloved tablet – the iPad.

Even though Microsoft thought Windows RT would become a big player in the tablet world, and thus take on the iPad or the fleet of Android tablets, many didn’t feel so confident and didn’t part with their money for a tablet running a half-baked operating system that had only a few apps to offer (even though the Windows Store now counts more than 100,000). Many manufacturers like HTC and Samsung abandoned plans to create Windows RT devices due to the poor sales and lack of users.

And things are about to get even worse for Windows RT.

Nokia is also quitting on Windows RT


Even though Nokia was planning on creating a Windows RT tablet, they flushed that project and decided to go with the full version of Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. Nokia and Microsoft have been working closely recently, as Nokia adopted Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows Phone, for pretty much any device that was bearing their name, but even this friendship wouldn’t convince the Finnish company to invest in a product that would have had a hard time making sales.

The last nail in the coffin for Windows RT might have come from none other than Intel. The microprocessor giant introduced series after series of tablet microprocessors that were comparable in battery drain and performance with the ARM processors that Windows RT was running on. This made it easier for manufacturers to go with x86 processors and dump Windows RT for Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro.

And right when everybody thinks Windows RT is doomed, here’s what Microsoft does…

Microsoft’s response? A Windows RT Ad


Yes, instead of admitting defeat and moving on, Microsoft has recently promoted an ad (above) where they compare Apple’s iPad with Dell’s XPS 10 running Windows RT. The ad itself is pretty well designed, as it shows off the main feature of Windows RT: great multitasking.

Unlike Microsoft’s other Windows RT vs iPad ads where the company aggressively mocks the iPad’s high price, poor connectivity and other specs, this new ad that Microsoft launched points only to the multitasking capabilities.

Compared to the iPad, where the user has to switch apps in order to get more information, Windows RT makes use of the Snap feature where two or more apps can be laid side by side and used simultaneously. The ad shows two baseball agents trying to sign on new members. Each of them is talking to his boss, but when it comes time to do some research on the player that they want, the iPad user loses due to the fact that he has to waste time by switching apps.

Microsoft might be trying to bring new life in the Windows RT platform, however, without the help of device manufacturers it will be impossible, and they seem to drop like flies these days.

What do you think about this? Is Windows RT really doomed?

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