Former Nokia CEO Founds Newkia Company to Create Nokia Android Phones

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Nokia has gone to the “dark side”, as many consider Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s devices & services business fatal and a sad end to a company that was once synonymous with phone. There are voices who still think Nokia could have avoided this unfortunate ending if they’d embraced Android. Of course, being given the fierce rivalry between Microsoft and Google, that would’ve been almost impossible.

But there are still important persons in the mobile industry that can make Nokia phones with Android become a reality. Just when Nokia basically sold itself to Microsoft, Thomas Zilliacus, Nokia’s former Asia-Pacific CEO, has founded a company called Newkia. My guess is that Newkia comes from New + Nokia, but I’m not exactly sure.

Newkia wants to make Android-powered Nokia phones


Thomas Ziliacus said in a recent interview that he is going to be poaching talent from Nokia and also seek further funding to make his dream come true. Mister Ziliacus said:

“A year ago we made an attempt to raise funds to take over Nokia, and to change the strategy from Windows Phone to Android. We were not able to raise the several billions of dollars that was required but now this deal (Microsoft buying Nokia) has opened up for us the opportunity to basically do the same by attracting key people who would like to develop successful new phones on the Android platform in our new company”

The former Nokia CEO actually said that they already have a few former senior executives from Nokia that have joined Newkia and are ready to convince others to create Newkia Android phones. The company isn’t established in Finland, but in Singapore.

However, it’s interesting to see of Newkia will manage to launch phones similar to what Nokia has been putting on the market, because now all the patents “are belong” to Microsoft. Mister Ziliacus also said:

“I think we can offer consumers what can be new, exciting, and different. From that starting point, we can build a market and solutions that can grow quite rapidly. As we are going to have a core team of ex-Nokia people, we can rightfully say we’re building phones with the technology that made Nokia the biggest player in the mobile arena until two years ago. And consumers globally have great faith in Nokia as a developer of phone and brand.”

What do you think? Does Newkia have a chance and will we be seeing some Nokia-like Android phones in the future or these are just some hopeless dreams?


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